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Facial recognition for smart doorbells developed to protect abuse victims

" Featured in Biometric Update"

  • A Biometric Update article highlights NJPI's Overwatch, a facial recognition system for smart doorbells developed by Jim Ramsey. This innovative technology provides real-time alerts and enhances safety for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault by identifying potential threats​​.

Ex-Shrewsbury police officer creates facial recognition software to help victims of abuse

News 12 Spotlights NJPI's Overwatch: A Tool for Victim Protection"

  • News 12 reports on Overwatch, a facial recognition software developed by former Shrewsbury Police Officer Jim Ramsey of NJPI. Designed initially for sexual assault and domestic violence victims, Overwatch uses AI to detect threats through doorbell cameras, offering enhanced security and legal evidence collection​

"NJPI Advances Safety with Offender Recognition Technology"

Description: NJPI Agency's recent article highlights their innovative approach to enhancing personal security. By integrating offender recognition technology into smart doorbells, NJPI is significantly improving safety measures for individuals at risk. This initiative emphasizes their dedication to utilizing technological solutions to safeguard communities and support victims of violence. The technology is adept at identifying potential threats, contributing to a more secure environment for those in need.

Read the full article here.

"Overwatch: Transforming Security with Offender Recognition"

Description: In this article, James Ramsey III of NJPI Agency discusses 'Overwatch', their latest advancement in security technology. This doorbell camera system, equipped with offender recognition capabilities, is a significant step in enhancing personal safety. It's designed to alert residents about potential threats by identifying known offenders, offering a proactive approach to security. This solution is particularly beneficial for individuals seeking protection and peace of mind in their own homes.

Read the full article here.

"NJPI Celebrates CCAW 2023 Security Award Win"

Description: NJPI proudly announces its victory in the security category at the CCAW 2023 event. This achievement, shared by Sergeant Ramsey, reflects the agency's commitment to innovative security solutions. NJPI's dedication to leveraging advanced technology in the field of security and protection has been recognized, showcasing their role in shaping industry standards and practices.

View the LinkedIn post here.

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