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Background Investigations

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  • Comprehensive Reports: NJPI can generate detailed reports that encompass a person's aliases, addresses, phone numbers, relatives, neighbors, and more. This data can be vital in legal cases or personal investigations.

  • Criminal Records Search: NJPI can perform an exhaustive search of criminal records. This includes nationwide criminal records, sex offender records, and global watchlist records.

  • Vehicle Sightings: NJPI has access to over 9 billion nationwide vehicle sightings, providing historical and real-time data about a vehicle's location. This can be particularly useful in investigations involving vehicle-related incidents or tracking.

Phone Number Search:

Access a detailed report containing a person's associated phone numbers, allowing for a thorough understanding of their communication patterns.

Email Address Insights:

Uncover information related to an individual's email addresses, providing valuable data for various purposes, including legal and investigative matters.

Business and Personal Applications:

NJPI's Phone and Email Search serves both personal and business needs, ensuring versatility in its applications.

Legal Compliance:

Our search is conducted in strict adherence to legal standards, ensuring ethical and lawful utilization of the obtained information.

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At The NJPI Agency we tap into a comprehensive database of over

9 billion

nationwide vehicle sightings,

offering access to both historical and real-time data about a vehicle's location. This becomes especially crucial in investigations related to vehicle incidents or tracking.

Whether you're in law enforcement, insurance, or require private investigative services, the combined power of ALPS and our extensive vehicle sighting data equips you with the tools needed to navigate investigations effectively, providing timely and insightful information for informed decision-making. NJPI Agency is committed to delivering expertise and access to enhance your capabilities in the realm of vehicle tracking and analysis.

Automatic License Plate Reader (ALPR) Records Search

Vehicle Sightings:

NJPI has access to over 9 billion nationwide vehicle sightings images, providing historical and real-time data about a vehicle's location.

This can be particularly useful in investigations involving vehicle-related incidents or tracking.records, a valuable resource due to our status as a licensed investigator agency.

NJPI Agency Vehicle Sighting Reports

The vehicle sighting reports have recently been improving drastically in terms of the geographic coverage and number of records updating. Currently the available databases have about a billion records available and are adding 50 million sightings each month. Records are currently coming in from 42 US states.

How does a NJPI vehicle sighting report work?

The commercial providers have been able to grab license plate recognition (LPR) and put it into a searchable database which allows you to search by plate or tag to determine if the vehicle was spotted. If so when we was the vehicle spotted? Last 30 days, 31-90 days or 90 days and beyond…

Each Vehicle Sighting includes time, date, and exact location stamps.

Integrated with online mapping tools, visual pinpoint location information is available with a single click.

Access a massive database of more than a billion vehicle sightings and the addition of up to 50 million sightings added monthly.

NJPI's License Plate Search

Provides immediate access to real-time data about a vehicle's owner.

Historical Vehicle Data:

Gain insights into a vehicle's historical data, offering a complete picture of its past locations and activities

Legal Compliance:

NJPI Agency conducts License Plate Searches in accordance with legal standards, ensuring ethical and lawful use of this information.

Professional License Verification

If the individual claims to hold a professional license, our investigators will verify this information. This can be particularly important in industries where a valid license is required to practice.

Driving Records Check

A driving records check can provide insights into an individual's responsibility and adherence to laws. This can be particularly relevant if the individual will be required to drive as part of their role.

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These services are available to attorneys and private citizens in New York and New Jersey. Whether you're conducting a background check for legal, personal, or professional reasons, NJPI's comprehensive services can provide the information you need.

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  • Comprehensive Person Reports: $95.00
  • Criminal Records Search: Price: $49.00
  • Vehicle Sightings: Price: $195.00
  • Asset Searches: Price: $95.00
  • License Plate Search: Price: $195.00
  • Phone and Email Search: Price: $95.00
  • Business Reports: Price: $95.00
  • Bankruptcy Records: Price: $95.00
  • Court Records: Price: $45.00
  • Real Estate Records: Price: $95.00

NJPI Agency

Asset Searches

1. Property Investigation:

NJPI conducts thorough property searches, offering insights into real estate holdings, property values, and ownership details.

2. Vehicle Ownership Details:

Our Asset Searches include a comprehensive examination of a person's vehicles, providing information on ownership, models, and registration details.

3. Business Affiliations:

NJPI uncovers information about a person's business affiliations, ensuring a complete understanding of their commercial involvements.

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4. Financial Assets:

Our searches extend to financial assets, offering insights into bank accounts, investments, and other financial holdings.

5. Debt Recovery Support:

In cases involving debt recovery, NJPI's Asset Searches equip you with valuable information to facilitate the recovery process.

6. Divorce Proceedings:

For divorce proceedings, understanding the full scope of a person's assets is crucial for fair and equitable settlements. NJPI's Asset Searches provide the necessary insights.

Frozen assets

NJPI Agency Criminal Records Search:

Comprehensive and Global:

1. Nationwide Criminal Records:

NJPI delves into nationwide criminal records, providing a comprehensive overview of an individual's criminal history across the country.

2. Sex Offender Records:

Our search includes a meticulous examination of sex offender records, ensuring you have crucial information to make informed decisions.

3. Global Watchlist Records:

NJPI goes beyond borders, conducting searches on global watchlists. This ensures a comprehensive assessment of an individual's presence on international watchlists.

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Law Enforcement and Security Checks:

Criminal Records, Sex Offender Records, Arrest Records, Wants and Warrants: Gain insights into the subject's criminal history.

Asset Ownership and Property Records:

Aircraft Ownership and Watercraft Ownership: Discover ownership details of aircraft and watercraft.

Vehicle Ownership: Access details about vehicle ownership.

Property Records: Access detailed information about properties.

Court and Legal Proceedings:

Court Searches: Conduct comprehensive court searches, including Federal Docket Searches, Criminal/Traffic Searches, and Debt, Eviction & Foreclosure Records.

Additional Searches:

People Searches: Essential information about individuals, including premium people search, birth records, death records, divorce records, marriage records, SSN verifier plus, license plate search, and asset recovery solutions.

Business Searches: Combined business search, DBA/FBN records, FEIN-Tax ID records, Corporate records, and Workplace records.

Criminal background check

Comprehensive Background Investigations by NJPI Agency


At NJPI Agency, a leading Private Investigator Agency in Monmouth County, NJ, we specialize in conducting thorough background investigations. Our licensed private investigators employ a variety of investigative options to provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive information available.

Criminal Records Check

One of the primary methods we use in our background investigations is a criminal records check. This involves searching through local, state, and federal databases to uncover any criminal history associated with the individual in question. This can include misdemeanors, felonies, and other infractions that may be relevant to your needs.

Criminal record and handcuffs on a desk.

Employment Verification

Our investigators also conduct employment verifications as part of our background investigations. We verify the individual's employment history, including positions held, dates of employment, reasons for leaving, and any disciplinary actions taken. This information can be crucial in making informed decisions, particularly in hiring processes. Education Verification

At NJPI Agency, we understand the importance of accurate educational information. As such, our background investigations include education verification. We confirm the individual's claimed educational qualifications, including the institutions attended, degrees earned, and dates of attendance.

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NJPI Credit History Check

A credit history check is another essential component of our background investigations. This check provides insights into an individual's financial responsibility and stability. It can be particularly useful in cases where the individual will be handling financial transactions or sensitive financial information.

Financial Responsibility: By examining an individual's credit history, NJPI can gauge their level of financial responsibility. This is crucial, especially when the person will be handling financial transactions or dealing with sensitive financial information.

Stability Assessment: Credit history is often used as an indicator of stability. A positive credit history may suggest a person's ability to manage their finances prudently and fulfill financial obligations consistently.

Credit score report

Employment Background Checks

Many employers utilize credit history checks as part of the hiring process, especially for roles that involve financial responsibilities.

Financial Institutions:

Banks and other financial institutions may use credit history checks to evaluate a person's eligibility for loans, credit cards, or other financial products.

Property Rentals: Landlords may use credit history checks to assess the financial reliability of potential tenants.

Report Credit Score Banking Borrowing Application Risk Form

Compliance and Legal Considerations:

Regulatory Compliance: It's essential for NJPI to conduct credit history checks in compliance with relevant laws and regulations governing the use of such information in background investigations.

Informed Consent: Obtaining the individual's informed consent before conducting a credit history check is a standard ethical and legal practice.

5. Customization for Specific Needs:

Tailored Solutions: NJPI may offer customized credit history check solutions based on the specific needs of their clients. For instance, different industries and roles may require different levels of scrutiny.

6. Data Security Measures:

Confidentiality: Handling sensitive financial information demands a robust approach to data security. NJPI may have stringent measures in place to ensure the confidentiality and security of the information gathered during credit history checks.

7. Comprehensive Background Investigations:

Integration with Other Checks: Credit history checks are part of a broader background investigation process. When combined with other checks, such as criminal history or employment verification, they contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of an individual's background.

NJPI Agency Comprehensive Person Search

Personal Information:

Aliases: Discover alternative identities associated with the subject.

Address History: Unearth detailed information about the subject's residential history.

High-Risk Addresses: Identify locations with potential risks.

Dates of Birth: Obtain accurate dates of birth.

Phone Numbers: Retrieve a comprehensive list of phone numbers.

Legal and Financial Records:

Civil Judgments and Evictions: Explore legal records related to civil matters and evictions.

Bankruptcies and Tax Liens: Access records related to financial history.

Professional and Licensing Details:

DEA Licenses: Verify Drug Enforcement Administration licenses.

Professional Licenses: Explore the subject's professional qualifications.

Hand Filling Criminal Background Check Application Form
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But we're not just about data. Our suite of powerful investigative tools can assist in identifying and locating individuals, verifying identities, and uncovering hidden connections.

  • Asset Searches: NJPI can conduct asset searches to uncover valuable information about a person's property, vehicles, businesses, and more. This can be crucial in cases involving debt recovery, divorce proceedings, or other legal matters where a person's assets are relevant.

  • License Plate Search: NJPI can perform license plate searches to obtain information about a vehicle's owner, address, vehicle identification number (VIN), and more. This can be useful in various investigative scenarios.

  • Phone and Email Search: NJPI can perform searches on phone numbers and email addresses to provide information about the owner of these contact points. This can be useful in cases where contact information is the only lead in an investigation.

  • NJPI can generate detailed business reports that provid information about a business's registration details, associated individuals, assets, and more. This can be useful in cases involving business disputes or fraud investigations.

  • Bankruptcy Records: NJPI can search for bankruptcy records which can provide crucial information about a person's financial history. This can be important in cases involving debt recovery or financial disputes.

  • Court Records: NJPI can search for court records which can provide detailed information about a person's legal history. This can be crucial in various legal proceedings.

  • Real Estate Records: NJPI can search for real estate records which can provide detailed information about a person's property ownership. This can be important in cases involving property disputes or asset investigations.

Investigating Corporate Tax Fraud
Auditor Doing Corporate Business Fraud Investigation

NJPI Agency, your premier destination for comprehensive and legal license plate and VIN number investigations. Unlike others, we have the capability to run license plates and VIN numbers efficiently and effectively.

Our team of licensed private investigators has access to a sophisticated system that captures images of license plates across the country. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Whether you're in Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Edison, or any other town in New Jersey, NJPI Agency is ready to assist you with your investigative needs.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, discretion, and adherence to the law. Trust NJPI Agency for all your license plate and VIN number investigation needs.

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Why Choose NJPI Agency?

Choosing NJPI Agency means choosing a partner dedicated to providing you with the truth. Our investigators are licensed professionals with years of experience in the field. We adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism, ensuring that your investigations are handled with the utmost discretion.

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Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free consultation. Let NJPI Agency be your trusted partner in private investigations.

Social Media Screening

In today's digital age, a person's online presence can reveal a lot about their character and behavior. Our investigators conduct social media screenings, examining the individual's public posts, comments, likes, and shares across various social media platforms. This can provide a more rounded picture of the individual beyond what traditional checks can offer. Reference Checks

Reference checks

We contact the individual's provided references to gain further insights into their character, work ethic, and other relevant attributes. This firsthand information can often provide valuable context to the information gathered through other checks.

Open Public Records Search

Our investigators conduct a thorough public records search as part of our background investigations. This can include property records, court records, marriage and divorce records, and more. These records can provide a wealth of information about an individual's past and present circumstances.

At the NJPI Agency, we understand the importance of comprehensive background checks. Our team, composed of former police officers, has extensive experience conducting these investigations. During our time in law enforcement, we carried out these checks as part of our duties as detectives. Now, we bring this expertise to our work at the NJPI Agency. Background checks are a crucial part of ensuring the safety and integrity of your organization. They can reveal important information about an individual's past, including their employment history, credit status, and any criminal records. This information can be invaluable when making hiring decisions, helping to prevent potential issues that could arise from hiring individuals with problematic histories.At the NJPI Agency, we conduct these checks with the same level of thoroughness and attention to detail that we did as police detectives.

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We understand the nuances and complexities of these investigations and use our expertise to provide you with the most accurate and comprehensive information possible. We believe that knowing your employees' backgrounds is crucial to creating a safe and secure work environment. As such, we are committed to conducting these checks to the highest standard. Whether you need a background check for a potential employee or for other purposes, you can trust the NJPI Agency to deliver.

Our team is experienced, professional, and dedicated to providing the best service possible. We understand the importance of these checks and are committed to helping you make informed decisions. With the NJPI Agency, you can be confident that you are getting a thorough and comprehensive background check conducted by experienced professionals.


Q: What is a background investigation?

A: A background investigation is a comprehensive review of an individual's history. It can include checking criminal records, verifying employment history, and more. At NJPI Agency, we conduct thorough background investigations to provide you with the most accurate and detailed information possible.

Q: Why should I choose NJPI Agency for background investigations?

A: NJPI Agency is staffed by former police officers who have extensive experience conducting background investigations. We bring our law enforcement expertise to every investigation, ensuring thorough and accurate results.

Q: How long does a background investigation take?

A: The duration of a background investigation can vary depending on the complexity of the case. However, at NJPI Agency, we strive to provide timely and efficient services without compromising on the thoroughness of our investigations.

Q: What information is included in a background investigation?

A: A background investigation can include a variety of information, such as criminal records, employment history, education verification, credit checks, and more. At NJPI Agency, we tailor our investigations to meet your specific needs.

Q: How can a background investigation help my business?

A: A background investigation can provide valuable insights into potential employees, helping you make informed hiring decisions. It can also contribute to creating a safe and secure work environment

Q: Can NJPI Agency conduct background investigations for individuals outside of Monmouth County, NJ?

A: Yes, NJPI Agency has the capability and resources to conduct background investigations for individuals regardless of their location.

Q: How does NJPI Agency ensure the privacy of the individuals being investigated?

A: At NJPI Agency, we adhere to strict privacy and confidentiality standards. We obtain all necessary permissions and comply with all relevant laws and regulations during our investigations.

Q: What makes NJPI Agency's background investigations reliable?

A: Our background investigations are conducted by experienced former police officers who bring their law enforcement expertise to every case. We also utilize a range of reliable sources and databases to gather information.

Q: Can NJPI Agency conduct background investigations for other purposes besides employment?

A: Absolutely. While employment background checks are common, we also conduct investigations for other purposes, such as tenant screening, personal investigations, and more.

Q: How can I request a background investigation from NJPI Agency?

A: You can request a background investigation by contacting us directly. Our team is ready to assist you with your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Success Story 1: Preventing Workplace Issues Before They Start

One of our clients, a reputable company in Monmouth County, NJ, was in the process of hiring for a key position within their organization. They wanted to ensure that their new hire would not only be a good fit for the role but also for their company culture. They reached out to NJPI Agency for a comprehensive background investigation.

Our team conducted a thorough investigation, including a criminal records check, employment verification, and social media screening. During our investigation, we discovered that the candidate had a history of workplace conflicts at previous jobs, which had not been disclosed during the interview process.

Armed with this information, our client was able to make an informed decision and chose to continue their search for a candidate who would be a better fit for their team. By identifying potential issues before they became problems, NJPI Agency helped this company maintain a positive and productive work environment.

Success Story 2: Uncovering Crucial Information for Court Cases

In another instance, an attorney reached out to us for assistance in a complex litigation case. They needed to know more about a key witness who was set to testify in court. The attorney had some concerns about the witness's credibility and wanted to ensure that they were making the right decision in relying on this individual's testimony.

Our team at NJPI Agency conducted a detailed background investigation on the witness. We checked their criminal history, verified their employment and education history, and conducted a social media screening. Through our investigation, we discovered some inconsistencies in the witness's story that raised questions about their credibility.

Armed with this information, the attorney was able to adjust their strategy for the case. The information we provided played a crucial role in the court proceedings, helping the attorney present a stronger case.

At NJPI Agency, we understand the importance of thorough background investigations. Whether you're an employer looking to make informed hiring decisions or an attorney needing to verify a witness's credibility, you can trust our team to provide the detailed information you need. Our success stories are a testament to the value and impact of our services.

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